Deal with the property in China after you get divorced in your home country

There are always interesting issues coming up along the way I entertain inquiries sent to me from this law blog. It is worth to write them down just for people who may be looking for similar information and help.

Today, I got an email from a client in USA regarding an inheritance of a real property in Shanghai. The client’s father had just died recently in 2013,…

What is a legal person under Chinese laws

You may frequently encounter the phrase “legal person” when perusing legal articles about Chinese laws, in particular, corporate and business laws. However, you may inadvertently take the “legal person” in China as the same in your home country when it is actually not. which may lead to unmindful loss.

What is a legal person under

land use right as contribution in kind in incorporating Chinese companies

Land use right in China is regarded as a form of real estate. In practice, land use right can be used as contribution in kind in capitalizing a company in China. China Company Law says in its Article 27 that upon incorporating a company, an investor can use cash, intellectual property, land use right etc. that can be valuated and transferred as contribution in capitalizing…

Shanghai judge sexual scandal:what you learn from it?

The whole nation has just sipped a new drop of juice about a world that is not known to the public before: Shanghai judges found having great time in a night club with prostitutes.

Wow… it is those judges who are supposed to be upholding the high standards of morality and conducts in the society and they ought to be clean and upright. You don’t easily …

what if the Chinese partner defauts on joint venture contract or share transfer contract?

This is anything but a new topic. There are many essays and articles discoursing on this. However, there is still a great deal of confusion esp in terms of legal doctrines that can be used to support current practice.

Herer are the typical situations where this question often arises: (1) a foreign investor has signed a joint venture contract with the Chinese party…