VIE probably a practical option for foreign investors in language training business

It is no longer that hot as it was a couple of years ago. I mean the variable interest entity, VIE.

For many, VIE may seem strange to them since the VIE structured investments have mainly emerged as big investments involving companies listed in world stock exchanges in New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. Here is the brief introduction for rookies.

Variable Interest Entity in China

This is a typical…

Can we set up our own online platform to sell our own products without obtaining approval?

Many foreign investors are aware of the restrictions imposed by Chinese government on foreign investors investing in Chinese telecom business sector, as is stipulated in the Administrative Provisions for Foreign Investment in Telecom Enteprises, which leads to the widely used VIE strutures in Chinese internet companies listed on overseas exchanges. …

If a foreigner gets killed or injured in the high-speed train collision in Wenzhou, China

China's deadly Wenzhou train crash has passed for more than a year, leaving still a few dozens of people in agony awaiting for compensation from Chinese Ministry of Railway. For most of those whose lives are claimed in the incident, their relatives should have accepted the compensation of RMB 915,000. But not all of them.

I am retained recently by the American…