Shanghai unveils its new curbing measures for the property market

With the view to standing in line with central government with respect to stabilizing property market, Shanghai government unveiled its rules in implementing the order issued by China cabinet on Feb 26 this year.

The main points of the Shanghai Rules are as follows:

(1) Shanghai focuses much on the banking credit policies. It asks its subordinate departments…

Why do you need a HK offshore structure when you invest in China?

Chinese official statistics on foreign investment in China have indicated that Hong Kong has been the biggest source of inbound foreign investment in the mainland China.

But why is it Hong Kong?

In addition to the common advantages of having an offshore structure (an SPV or a pass-through entity), namely, easier transfer of equity interests in the Chinese …

China to enforce the 20% individual income tax rate on property sale

Apparently China central government is seeing a clear uprise of property prices throughout the country.

Just today, China state council issued a new notice ordering its subordinate governments to implement seriously the existing policies that are aimed to rein in the property market, and meanwhile, stepping up a new measure of cooling policy, namely, enforcing…