Commercial factoring business in China Free Trade Zone to take off

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New and detailed rules regarding special treatments for certain industries in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (the "Shanghai FTZ") have erupted recently covering quite a number of sectors that may otherwise not be accessible…

Derivative Action/lawsuit in China: protection of (small) shareholders

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Derivative actions are regarded worldwide as an effective enhancement of corporate governance in terms of protecting shareholders from the misbehaving management of their invested company, and protecting small shareholder from being repressed by controlling shareholders.…

Case study on legal representative: a good lesson on corporate governance of companies in China

This is a true case that I am handling.


A European investor set up a wholly foreign-owned trading company in Shanghai, China as its foothold in China to sell its advanced products. The shareholder appointed three members on the board of directors who are all foreigners with no regular residence in China. One of the director was appointed to serve as the …