two disressed apartments in Shanghai on sale at good prices

Though no one will disagree that this is not a time for purchasing real properties in China, esp in big cities like Shanghai, we cannot deny that there are still people believing that real estate is still something worth investing in a long term in China, in particular properties that are discounted heavily due to some non-market reasons.

As a real estate lawyer,…

my experiences of serving foreign clients as a Chinese lawyer in Shanghai

Getting engaged in foreign-related legal services for years here in Shanghai, I have found it an interesting topic to discuss how to get connected, and build good chemistry with foreign clients. In a word, never an easy job!

Based on my personal observation, the biggest insurmountable obstacle between foreign or expat clients and Chinese lawyers is the…

do not let your OEM factories ruin your brand and reputation

I have heard stories like this before and I believe they are definitely true: Chinese OEM factories producing products for their international clients very often manufacture more than required, and those excess products are often sold in market without the authorization and knowledge of their clients.

Recently, in a project, we notice that our client’s…

Avon bribery scandal in China, not really a big deal ran a piece of news reporting that, according to Wall Street Journal, people familiar with the matter disclosed that federal prosecutor had submitted their evidences to jury in the case of Avon overseas corruption. It was said that auditing report found that Avon employees had paid some hundreds of thousands USD to China governmental officials…

English training business in Shanghai, China

[Jason's comments: this article is cited from Guardian website. This is intended to remind potential investors interested in English training of potential risk because of the already white-hot competition in the market. I am approached respectively by two investors looking to taking a bite of this big cake recently. There are a number of issues to consider

Notice About Administration of Foreign Expert Certificate Issued by State Administration of Foreign Affairs

[Jaosn's Comments: I quote this article from the official website of SAFEA. SAFEA is one of my concern because every time a foreign investor intending to set up a language training school in China always brings up this issue. News had it also that many many English training schools or centres here in Shanghai failed to obtain proper employment permits/licenses,

landlord failed to fix problems, can I withhold rent?

Expats living in China very often get frustrated with their Chinese landlords. A tipical situation is where the landlord fail to fix problems of the apartment/house, for example, air-conditioning breaking down, no hot water etc..

I got a help call this morning from a foreigner living in Shanghai, accusing his landlord of failing to fix some problems in the …