Jason Tian and his team are primarily focusing on providing  foreign-related legal services to clients from all over the world including China.

Our services mainly cover two areas of law practice: family law and business law.

I.  Family Law and Estate Planning

Family law and estate planning services are designed for and offered to individual clients who need advice for their marriages, pre-nuptial agreements, divorces, child custody and marital properties protection and splitting, or for inheritance of estates, estate administration, making wills, testamentary trusts and other estate planing on their China assets. In addition, we also help Chinese clients in setting up their estate planing in offshore jurisdictions like Hong Kong, Singapore, BVI and Cayman.

Cross-border services are what we are better at in China legal market than our peers. Our decade of rich experiences in cross-border family-centered legal services enable us to come up with more comprehensive strategies and tactics in maximizing benefits for clients.

Under this umbrella, we also help foreign clients in selling China properties after completion of their divorce or inheritance in which China properties are involved. As part of such services related to property sale, we help with transferring sale proceeds out of China back to clients’ home countries.

II.   Corporate and Real Estate Businesses

As a relatively small team, we don’t boast about comprehensive, full-blown legal services, rather, we want to highlight our focuses and strengths where we can do better than others.

As indicated in blog categories on the home page of this blawg, our legal services cover:

1.  Foreign Direct Investment in China

We help foreign investors with making their initial business presence in China by setting up their business entity in China, including representative office, business branch, Sino-foreign joint ventures (equity JV or contractual JV), WFOE (wholly foreign owned enterprise), partnership, fund.

In addition, we do M&A, helping foreign investors in acquiring domestic companies, enterprises, and operational assets.

We also help clients in draft their business contracts with China partners such as OEM contract, sale and distribution contract. In particular, we have experience in pharmaceutical industries in regard of co-development, licensing and distribution of products in China.

2.  Real Estate Law

This is one of our practice areas in which we have developed and cumulated rich experience and expertise. We help clients with:

(1)  participating in public bidding process for selling land use right  in obtain desired land for property development or industrial purposes such as building factories, warehouses etc;

(2)  navigating through heavy and mazy laws and regulations relating to real estate project development, residential or commercial properties, in particular urban zoning and construction laws;

(3)  acquiring and purchasing existing properties, buildings such as service apartment, office building and commercial properties, including conducting due diligence investigation on the properties in question, deal structure, taxation and property management;

(4)  real estate project financing;

(5)  real estate investment in Chinese properties, seeking opportunities on behalf of foreign investors to refurbishing, redecorating and re-marketing the same properties.

(6)  accept entrustment of property management by clients who have real estates in China but cannot manage such properties themselves. We help to lease their properties, collecting rentals, clear taxes, and repatriate rentals out of China.

III.   Arbitration and Litigation

We help international clients in conducting arbitration and litigation in China in pursuing, protecting and safeguarding their interests in China. We represent international clients in almost all kinds of disputes that are subject to Chinese courts’ jurisdiction, such as joint venture disputes, international sale and purchase contract, supply contract, IPR licensing agreements, international trade and other commercial disputes with Chinese parties.


  1. Jenny says:

    I have a property in China that I am planning to sell. When I registered the title it was done with my old passport that has now expired. I have been told by a Chinese real estate agent that my new passport won’t be accepted as verification of identity (I’m a foreigner). What do I need to do to get my new passport verified so that it can be used to verify my identity to sell my property? If I get the new passport notarized in the UK (I have a British passport) will it be accepted in terms of sorting out the sale of my property? Or do I need to get it notarized in China?

  2. Laura says:

    Would it be possible to set up a power of attorney for a relative to sell a property I own in China? I live overseas and it would be difficult to travel back. Would the POA enable the attorney to carry out all necessary tasks to complete the sale or would I need to fly in to China at some stage? What is the cost of setting up such a power of attorney?

    1. Jason Tian says:

      Hi Laura, I thought I had repied your question already. Yes, you can set up a POA for your relative or friends or lawyers to help you to sell properties in China. Indeed, our team has been providing this kind of services for more than decade. With properly drafted POA, we can help clients sell the properties throughout the whole process, and we often also help clients to repatriate the sale proceeds out of China back to clients’ home countries. Depending on the value of the property and the complexity involved, we charge the service fees differently. If you wish to know more, then write me an email with more details about your case. We can further discuss it then.

  3. Ana Marie says:

    Hi.Im Ana from Philippines.I was married to a Chinese man and got divorce. We have two kids.My daughter is 11 and my son is 9.My 2 kids lives with my ex-husband here in China.Im in china right now .My problem is is my ex-husband doesn’t allow me to see the kids and don’t want to help me to extend my Residence permit here in China.Is there any legal way that i can do to see my kids?Any advice please.thank you