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  1. Yanhua Anderson says:

    Hi, I’m from China, but a U.S. citizen now. Both my parents are living in U.S., too. My parents own an apartment in Beijing (renting out). My mother just passed away a few days ago. Her name is only one on the title. My father is now inherent it as the husband. He does not want to sell the apartment yet. But he is 91 years old. I’m their daughter. How could I inhere the apartment after my father is gone? Should I add my name to the title of the apartment, or should I sign the power of attorney of his while he is living?

  2. Faye says:

    Hello there my Mom wants to sell her apartment in Shenzen but is unable to travel there. She is a dual citizen China and US. Can you help act as power of attorney and help set up a bank account for her. Then transfer funds to US?

    1. Jason Tian says:

      HI Faye, yes, that is exactly we have been doing for foreign clients over the past decase. We can help to open an account while she is not here in China, and we can act on her behalf with a POA throughout the sale process, and finally repatriate the sale proceeds out of China.

      Regarding money repatriation, we will need to know what identity she used in purchasing the property in Shenzhen, her China ID or American passport. This will very much affect how easy or difficult it is to repatriate the sale proceeds.

      YOu can send email to my email accounts for further communication on this matter.

  3. Paul L says:

    Hi Jason.
    My father passed away in 2021in Canada , there’s a property in Guangzhou where he’s 1/3 owner of that property which he and his siblings inherited from their parents. I am the son also the administrator to his estate in Canada. In order for the estate to finish in Canada I would need to the appraisal of the China property for Canadian tax reasons. Can that be done?

    Also, my father’s death certificate and other legal documents have been translated to Chinese notarized in Canada Chinese embassy and been sent to the China officials.

    1. Jason Tian says:

      Hi Paul, we often do estate appraisals for foreign clients esp those from US. Depending on what kind of appraisal you require, it could be just written report from local realtors who would testify on the prices of the property at the time of your father death, or it could be an official report issued from appraising firms. Costs will be different.

      Do you need help to with inheriting his 1/3 ownership in the Guangzhou property?

      Send me emails for further inquiries please.

  4. Nelson Ma says:

    Hi Jason
    Can you recommend a real estate lawyer for helping us (me and my brother) properly register our inherited property in suiteng village, shunde, guangzhou.
    My main issue is that our Chinese names on the property are written in Cantonese but the way it is pronounced or written in Mandarin is different.
    Cantonese is Ma Kai Ming – Mandarin is Ma Chi Ming
    Should this be an issue?
    Your advice would be much appreciated.

    1. Jason Tian says:

      hi Nelson, this is not an issue, we have encountered such issues frequently before. Especially, Clients from Indonesia and other south-east Asia have such issues.

  5. Ken Li says:

    Hi Jason, my parents are from Shanghai and they are US citizen and live in the US now. They will visit Shanghai in Sep or Oct, and they would like some help to prepare a Will and also seek some legal advice. What is the best way to contact you?
    Thank you.


  6. Annie Law says:

    Hi Jason,

    My mom passed away in the US in 2019. She has a property in Panyu Guangdong. We are working on transferring her property to my name so I can sell it. I am a US and Hong Kong citizen. She has $50000 yan in China bank account. What do we need to do to transfer the money out from China to Hong Kong or USA after I sell the property?

    1. Jason Tian says:

      hi Annie, I will send you an email explaining in more details. Our team has been helping foreign clients with their inheritance of China properties, sale of their inherited property in china, and final repatriation of the sale proceeds out of China. It is a pleasure to help you on this as well.

  7. wayne yessler says:

    I have a friend in Shenzhen who wants to transfer assets to US. She has at least 500 million dollars. Can you help?

    1. Jason Tian says:

      for that much money, you gonna be careful about where her money comes from.

  8. Jason Tian says:

    Dear Kalpesh Shah: due to the long distance beween Shanghai and Guangzhou, I am afraid i cannot help you with your project.

    You may want to find a local lawyer in Guangzhou who is more appropriate to help you.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. kalpesh shah says:

    I am from India. i and my friend import so many products from china
    so we are interested to start a Trading company at Guangzhou and want to export products in many country
    sir want to know how it is possible and how much investment for registration and regular expenses of government tax.

    waiting for your reply

    Thank you

    kalpesh shah