acquire industrial lands in China, take Shanghai as example

Foreign investors that wish to shift their manufacturing base to China will be very keen to know how the industrial land can be obtained in China. A side product of buying instead of leasing industrial land is that over time the land will for sure appreciate in value. In our law firm, lawyers representing different clients often post information regarding purchasing…

FAQs on buying property in Shanghai, China

[NOTE, this is an old article written by Jason Tian back in 2009 based on his experience in helping foreigners in Shanghai purchase their homes here. Unfortunately, this article has been plagiarized by some other Chinese lawyers in Shanghai.Here this article is updated pursuant to new development after 2009. Please also take note that I am not encouraging

fast-changing legal environment itself is a risk

I just happened to read another article posted at China Briefing website (click here for details of the post) regarding pre-nuptial agreements and inheritance issues in China.

There is nothing wrong about the contents of the article as it was written in accordance with rules and laws effective and applicable then. However, when we examine the article based…

Economist: Inheriting money from abroad is a pain

Just ran across an interesting article posted on Economist website (click here for the whole article), depicting the pains and complexity surrounding cross-border inheritance. It is true indeed, in particular if China is involved in the case of inheritance of estates in China by foreigners.


Dealing with the belongings of the dead is a grim

Can I divorce in a China court?

I was approached for advice by a foreigner in regard of his contemplated divorce in China with his wife who is also a foreigner.

The facts of the case are: the couple, the husband from USA and the wife from East Asia, got married outside of China; the husband has been working in a Chinese city for more than 3 years, establishing his domicile in China under the Chinese…

Classification of Employees Conducts in China’s Workplaces

Enactment of the Labor Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter “Labor Contract Law”) has very much changed the landscape of employer and employee relationships in Chinese workplaces. One of the most strongly felt pains is the inability for employers to dismiss unwanted employees as the Labor Contract Law has substantially restricted…

foreign court judgment enforcement in China

China has never been integrated with the world so extensively and so deeply as it is today. For the last three decades, China has been welcoming and hosting foreign investors and business people at home, and now more and more Chinese investors and business people are making their roads into foreign countries over the globe.

Either way, there is an important legal…