employee non-competition obligation in China labor/employment Laws

An expat working in Shanghai came to me the other day for advice on his non-competition obligation under his labor contract with in foreign invested company here.

The expat was ready to quit the current job and moved forward for a better one. In his contract with the Shanghai employer, he, as a senior manager, was subjected to a non-competition obligation. But…

Can I sell your property without your consent?

This is a stupid question indeed. But it is not a chitchat here on this blawg.

I.  Judicial Change from Denial to Affirmation of Validity of Unauthorized Disposal Contract

In the not-long past, if anyone (even if your spouse, parents, co-owner) sells your property without your consent, the legal outcome is outright:  the contract underlying the sale is…

Factoring financing under Chinese laws

One of my clients, a bank, has approached me for advice on a dispute involving factoring financing with a trade company in Shanghai. It is a domestic factoring dispute. The amount of money involved is huge and I devoted a great deal of time to make sure that sound legal advice is given.

Factoring is relatively new in China. The industry has just witnessed a rapid …