Is it a good time to buy property in Shanghai China?

You may say it is crazy to buy Chinese properties esp those first-tiered cities like Shanghai, Beijing, where the expectation of price drop just seems to take hold.  Probably people should wait for some time before the market gets clear where it will be going.

Not everybody has that patience.

According to a Wall Street Journal article "China buzzards look

Registered capital, the greater, the better? Not really!

With China adopting the full authorized capitalization regime in its Company Law (click here for more about China reform on company's registered capital), there has been a clear trend in the market that companies present a much bigger amount of the registered capital to the public (now through the corporate information registration and publishing system).…

A small tip for tenants in leasing disputes: don’t forget to send termination notice

I have been helping a client dealing constantly with lease disputes. I found that due to lack of basic legal knowledge, tenants can find themselves in very unfavorable position.

A typical scenario is like this: in the course of leasing, the tenant decides to cancel the lease and therefor refuses to pay rent and finally may move out of the leased office or residence.…

Prohibited and limited sectors in China for foreigners

Prohibited and limited sectors in China for foreigners

The 12th Five-Year Chinese Plan covering the years 2011-2015 aims to further forge relationships with foreign companies.

Although its plan is promising for the development of China, foreigners keep in mind that many economic sectors are prohibited or restricted from entering. Regularly, the Chinese…