This “Chinese Lawyers in Shanghai” blog, devoted to provide China-related legal information to foreign individuals and small & medium sized corporate investors that want to tap or are tapping  Chinese potential. This blog will cover those legal topics that directly affect foreign investment in China such as foreign investment regulations, merging and acquiring China domestic companies, China employment and labor, foreign exchange etc. In addtion, legal service related to real estate businesses is one of the core practices of the blogger, Jason Tian, and his team members, in particular, advising foreign investors or buyers to acquire or purchase real estate, commercial or residential.

For foreign individuals or expats living and working in China, this blog will also provide information that is often inquired in relation to getting married or divorced in China, inheriting properties in China, and personal injury etc..

THE BLOGGER – Jason Tian


Jason Tian (or Jie Tian in Chinese Pinyin)has been providing foreign-related legal services to clients back from year 2007, and has worked in the top law firms in China all the way to date such as Beijing Zhonglun Law Firm, Shanghai Office and Beijing Zhongyin Law Firm, Shanghai Office and now Beijing Dacheng Law Firm, Shanghai Office. He once also worked as senior legal translator in the British mega law firm, Clifford Chance LLP’s Shanghai representative office before he took to his legal career. For more, please view his profile in LinkedIn here.

Dacheng Law Firm is now the biggest law firm throughout Asia. There are currently over 3,010 lawyers and staffs working for Dacheng Law Offices, most of whom are graduates from leading law schools within China or overseas. Many Dacheng lawyers have obtained degrees from prestigious universities in the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Korea, and have acquired valuable experience working for renowned international law firms. In addition, a substantial number of our lawyers have expertise in areas including international trade, finance, construction, business administration, accounting, and taxation. For more, please visit the firm’s website: www.dentons.com

In 2015, Dacheng Law Firm was formally merged with the international law firm “Dentons” and now the newly merged firm is the largest firm in the world by standard of headcount.

Along with Jason Tian, there are other team members who work together closely for various clients that needs diverse legal services. Among them are:

Amit Ben Yehoshua, an international lawyer licensed to practice laws in both USA and Israel, specailizes in foreign direct investment in China, intellectual property and dispute resolution. He has been appointed Vice-Chair of the American Bar Association China Committee. Amit and Jason have been working together for a number of foreign investment projects in China and dispute settlements. Such collaberation has proved to be particularly useful and fruitful in offering legal services to international clients as we can better communicate and understand our clients. For more about Amit, please visit his website here.