“Houses are for living in, not for speculating on” sounds sincere this time

This "houses are for living in, not for speculating on" has been out there since last December when China top leaders met up for an economic meeting. It has become a very popular slogan among either local governments and the media.

Since then, we have seen a steady increase of property curbing measures that are put in place by Chinese local governments citing the…

The Tenure Issue of Land Use Right in China: what if it expires?

Most of you don't really care about this as it has nothing to do with you, unless you have a property in China. By a property, I mean mainly apartments, houses, residential or commercial.

A  piece of news from Wenzhou, a economic hub of Zhejiang province, an eastern China province, has sort waken up Chinese people who have been intentionally or inadvertently…

Property Title dispute in China: should I take the action to quiet title?

As a relatively young country with the concept of rule of law, China has a long way to go before building itself into a ripe rule of law state. In the fundamental field of property laws, there are too many controversies over many legal issues that may well vex a smart mind.

A young colleague in our firm discussed his case with me. It is an interesting situation: a piece…

Sell Chinese properties: what to do with the mortgage loan?

Though you may think otherwise of Shanghai property market, many people are starting losing confidence and thus selling their properties in China. The biggest sale is made by Asia No. 1 tycoon from Hong Kong, Li Ka Shing. He has sold several properties in Shanghai, indicating that he sensed a turning point to be coming soon.

But for individual foreign property

the hardest nut: land reform, pending China all-important party plenary meeting in November

Two months away from the third plenary session of CCP central committee, according to HK Economic Times, as a critical part of the overall reforms much expected and longed for, reforms in regard of Chinese land regime has still been in dispute among the top echelon people in China Community Party.

It is no surprise to me at all. It is likely that the inability to …

China real estate market:how firm the hell it is?

I cannot help asking this question.

I have been bearish about China property market for long after the fanatic price hike in 2009, but it seems that I am always on the wrong side. But recent development and the common atmosphere felt turn me a bear again. Just now, a piece of news that Younger group (domestic giant garment/suit manufacturer) published an announcement …

Is the confiscation of Shenzhen Kingglory Plaza legal under Chinese laws?

I have been waiting for more details regarding the confiscation of Shenzhen Kingglory Plaza to be disclosed or leaked. But the Shenzhen government seems determined not to tell more than what the media has reported.

As a real estate lawyer that has been focusing on Chinese real estate law practice for long, I was indeed shocked to hear the news about confiscation…

China real estate scandals:the lesson you should learn when investing in real estate projects

No one will dispute the fact that real estate industry is one of the most dirty and corrupt industries in China. Any worse one? A slew of scandals in real estate sector exposed recently in media has cemented the above statement.

1.  An official from local Minhang District government of Shanghai Municipality was discovered to be engaged in illegal business…

Subrogation right in China Contract Law, a case study

I am advising a client on his real estate dispute with his seller which is very interesting as it led me to think about two important issues under china contract law.

Here are the facts: my client entered into a real estate sale and purchase contract back in 2009 under which he agreed to pay for an apartment which at the time of signing the contract was not allowed to…

Should the couple both sign the contract for sale and purchase of the property?

In China, properties, personal or real, acquired during marriage are statutorily prescribed to be community property of the couple even though only the name of one spouse is registered as owner on the relevant title deeds or ownership certificates. Being community property in the case of real property such as apartment, houses, condo, office and other commercial…

Sell China property, but not just about sale

I am representing two clients in selling their properties in Shanghai, China. It seemed that people are losing confidence in China property market, a sign that the growth of Chinese economy in a whole is slowing down to a lackluster rate.

Foreigners may be more worried about their holding of properties in China as they are often alarmed by western media about …

Shanghai property market revived?

I don't have any supportative data for property market revival in Shanghai.

The day before yesterday, I went to Shanghai Pudong real estate transaction centre, and what I saw really surprised me.  There are so many people buzzing in the hall, and you have to admit that people are coming back into the market again. When the volume of deals increases, the price

Nothing is impossible in China, you also think so?

It has been in place for some years from 2006 when China central government imposed restrictions on foreign individual or legal entities in buying properties in China, an move taken to rein in the then out of control price hike. This restriction is further reinforced in 2010 to the effect that each foreigner can only "buy" one piece of residential property.…

two disressed apartments in Shanghai on sale at good prices

Though no one will disagree that this is not a time for purchasing real properties in China, esp in big cities like Shanghai, we cannot deny that there are still people believing that real estate is still something worth investing in a long term in China, in particular properties that are discounted heavily due to some non-market reasons.

As a real estate lawyer,…