China Dispute Resolution

Single member company and the lifting of corporate veil in China corporate law practice


Most foreign investors have come to choose to go alone when investing in China. As a result, more and more WFOE companies (limited liability companies) have appeared in market. Among those WFOEs, there is a considerable portion being single or one member companies that, namely, have only one shareholder, either a natural person or a legal person.


You won’t be so lucky every time


I have recently heard a very interesting story from a foreigner who inquired on restriction from leaving China after he read my article about banning foreigners from leaving China.

The enquirer was the legal representative of foreign invested company located in Shanghai. Apparently the WFOE company was poorly operated. For some reasons untold by the enquirer,…

Sorry, Sir, you are banned from leaving China


That will be the least thing you want to hear when you are about to exit China at airports. But it may likely happen when you or the company you serve is involved in a lawsuit in China in which you may be subject to certain obligations.

Recently, one of my corporate clients consulted me regarding whether its legal representative (an American) would be restricted …