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Oversea Chinese from Canton (Guangdong): the way back to your roots


This is not something new, though I reckon not every oversea Chinese who are affected (in a positive sense) by the local policy really know about it.

I am talking about the policy stepped up by local Guangdong government back in 2011, entitled “Several Opinions on Earnestly Safeguarding Oversea Chinese’s the Residential Land Use Right in Rural

Allocated land use right issue in purchasing properties in French Concession Area in Shanghai


This is actually a summary written to one of my clients who is selling his house in the French Concession Area in Shanghai. One of his prospective buyers raised a good question regarding the land use right after reviewing the title deed of the house. Unlike other new apartments, my client’s title deed of his house does not specify a 70 year period of land use…

the hardest nut: land reform, pending China all-important party plenary meeting in November


Two months away from the third plenary session of CCP central committee, according to HK Economic Times, as a critical part of the overall reforms much expected and longed for, reforms in regard of Chinese land regime has still been in dispute among the top echelon people in China Community Party.

It is no surprise to me at all. It is likely that the inability to …

Rural land issues amid China urbanization ambition,a brief summary of China Urbanization Summit Forum


During the two days from August 31 to September 1, the Summit Forum for China Urbanization was held in Xiamen, eastern coastal city in Fujian province, China. The summit was in part sponsored  by Dacheng Law Offices. As a lawyer at the law firm, I attended the summit forum, and also submitted a paper analyzing some legal issues related to transfer and conveyance…

land use right as contribution in kind in incorporating Chinese companies


Land use right in China is regarded as a form of real estate. In practice, land use right can be used as contribution in kind in capitalizing a company in China. China Company Law says in its Article 27 that upon incorporating a company, an investor can use cash, intellectual property, land use right etc. that can be valuated and transferred as contribution in capitalizing…

Allocated lands in China: a gold mine for the few people


Allocated lands in China refers to those lands that are assigned to their users for free or in other words without charging the land grant fee. China had relied on the allocated system in utilizing its land as part of the old planned economy till early 1990s when China promulgated its regulation on grant and transfer of land use right.

Bear in mind that all land …

Using rural lands for industrial activities in Shanghai,China


A client came to me with a question regarding the use of a rural land in the suburbs of Shanghai.

The client has set up a wholly foreign-owned company in the outskirts of Shanghai back in 2001, engaged in industrial manufacturing activities. Instead of obtaining the state-owned land use right, the WFOE ventured to take up a site with existing building and facilities.…

Another meaningful victory against Shanghai local government in respect of inheritance of garden villa on allocated land


A few months ago, I was approached by one of the offspring of Sun Yat Sen, the founder of the Republic of China, for his trouble in inheriting a garden villa located in Xuhui district in Shanghai China. The trouble is that he and other heirs to the estate garden villa are required by local land administration to pay a big sum of land grant fee for the land underlying …

Land Regulation Framework in China


1. types of land
According to the Land Law of the People’s Republic of China, effective as from January 1, 1999 (the “1999 Land Law”), land in China is basically categorized into three kinds, namely, agricultural land, construction land and unutilized land. The agriculture land refers to those directly used for agricultural production, including …