What is the Difference between a Contract and a Deed?


This is not a question about Chinese contract law, rather one I have regarding contract law in UK and USA or other common law countries.

In China, there is only one set of rules of Contract Law, much the same principles as applicable in other major civil law countries like German or France.

When reading materials regarding common law trusts, very often I encountered…

Dacheng and Dentons merge into the world’s biggest law firm


Today, Dacheng Law Offices and Dentons formalize their marriage resulting in the world’s biggest law firm.

The Firm will be known as “Dentons” in English and all other languages, except for Chinese. In Chinese, the Firm will be known as “大成;” the Firm’s logo unites the two in a design that features both as “大成Dentons.”…

broadcasting right for sport events in China


I have been serving as external legal counsel for SlamBall China for a couple of years. With its rapid growth and expansion, it has attracted more and more media attention. In this November, it will hold a SlamBall tournament in Wuhan and Beijing, a big event for SlamBall China and for the sport itself.

Here comes an internet company with interest to broadcast …

Translation of legal documents: not a small deal.


In international businesses or cross-border civil affairs, English language dominates the writing of most documents. In the meantime, the party that does not speak English mother tongue will always wish to have the document in its own mother language.  In most cases, the English version will be written first and then translate it into the other language.…

Should I answer the questions for free?


This post is just for fun.

This blog invites multiple email inquiries from all over the world every day. Part of my work time is devoted to answer such inquiries. In most cases, clients may raise a few questions that don’t seem to consume much of my time and I would generally try to shed light and given answer as briefly as I can. After all, I am busy most of my day.…

Shanghai judge sexual scandal:what you learn from it?


The whole nation has just sipped a new drop of juice about a world that is not known to the public before: Shanghai judges found having great time in a night club with prostitutes.

Wow… it is those judges who are supposed to be upholding the high standards of morality and conducts in the society and they ought to be clean and upright. You don’t easily …

Crime of embezzlement of corporate funds/assets


Embezzlement of corporate property is quite a common crime in work place.

Article 271 of China Criminal Code provides that:

“In cases where a person of a company, enterprise, or any unit, takes over the unit’s property by taking advantage of his office, and the amount involved in quite large, he is to be sentenced to not more than five years of fixed-term…

Wenzhou’s local debt crisis and its national implication


China Premier Wen Jiabao appeared in Wenzhou a couple of days ago in the wake of extensive media report about business owners in this city, one of the most affluent places in China which churns out most of the lighters and shoes in the world, fled insurmountable debts borrowed largely from private lending market with unbearably high interest rates, often tens…

The Political Divisions in China


An investment in China is often subject to regulation of more than one level of the governments. However, it is very often confusing to a foreigner to understand the political divisions through reading some scattered information in that regard. I will try to make my introduction accurate and comprehensive to help you understand this issue.

Bear in mind before…

Notarization Law of the People’s Republic of China


Notarization Law of the People’s Republic of China
(Adopted at the 17th Session of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People’s Congress on August 28, 2005)
Chapter I General Provisions

  Article 1 This Law has been enacted for the purposes of regulating notarization activities, ensuring that the notarization institutions…

Hierarchy of Chinese legislation


Very often in a contract or a legal opinion, it is critical to distinguish what kind of laws and regulations are applicable or concerned. Most countries have more than one legislature bodies and legislation at different levels is given different legal force. China has enacted its legislation law in the year of 2000, namely, the Law of Legislation of China (“Legislation…