Can My Employer Terminate Me Without Cause and Severance Pay?

By Yueqing Li

It is quite common for Chinese employers to stipulate in the employment contracts with foreign employees that either party can terminate the contracts upon giving the other party three to six months’ written notice in advance.

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Termination of Labor Contract in China

Labor disputes arise frequently under such circumstances, and the major focal…

What ensues when your China labor contract expires?

We are talking about fixed term China labor contract or employment contract. While this topic may not be very interesting to expat employees in China, it may be very relevant for foreign investors operating business in China.

Assuming that A signs a two-year labor contract with his employer, upon expiration of the contract term, his employer does not wish to…

Can employer use additional leave to set off the three times salary during National Holiday?

The national holiday has passed. Many walks of people were actually staying on duty during the golden holiday. Under China Labor Law, companies are obligated to pay three times salaries to employees who worked in the holiday.

Companies are trying to see whether there is any legal way of circumventing the legal obligation to pay the three times salaries. I got…

Changes brought about by Chinese new social security law

The new Law of the People’s Republic of China on Social Security (hereinafter, the “New Law”) has taken effect as from July 1st, 2011, revamping the old social security/insurance systems. Apparently, this New Law will bring about a few changes to people that are worthy of note.

1. Non-local people will be covered by social insurances

Previously, not …