China trading company

VAT Tax refund/rebate for trading companies in China


Tax refund or tax rebate policy has been a focal point with which foreign investors are mostly concerned when intending to set up a trading company in China engaged in exporting activities.

Assuming that a foreign invested trading company with the general VAT taxpayer status (opposite to the small-scale VAT tax payer status) (the “Company”) is to be set…

minimum registered capital for foreign invested trading companies


vRegistered capital is probably a very special and elusive term for foreign investors esp those from the West where such a concept does not exist in their company laws. The registered capital in China Company Law refers to an amount of fund/money required by law to be paid in place by shareholders of the company within a period up to two years. Currently, for a domestic…

setting up a trading company in China


As the world’s manufacturing plant and one of the most vast markets, it is a good business to export goods made in china to other parts of the world, and so is importing goods into China’s market.

Indeed, there are many foreign investors that have set up trading companies in China that are engaged in either exporting or importing goods out of or into…