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Manage your boss


I have just made a post of “Manager your manager” which is written from legal perspective.

I encountered randomly an interesting article published on Harvard Business Review, entitled “Manager your boss”, purely from the business operating perspective. I think it is worth a careful read for people in any organization.

You may…

Manage your manager


A client came to my office telling a story that was shocking to an outsider. The client is a foreigner who has set up a WFOE in Shanghai two years ago producing cleaning products. As a foreigner unable to read any Chinese, she had to hire a Chinese manager as her right hand. In the WFOE, the manager is below one person only, the client, and above all other staff. …

Corporate governance structure of foreign invested companies


Chinese foreign investment regulation originated earlier than the enactment of the first Company Law of China (1994) and this together with other reasons gave rise to the irregular corporate governance structure of foreign invested enterprises (which term generally excludes foreign invested companies limited by shares) where there was generally no …