18 ways to learn like the Chinese
Sep 26, 2012

18 ways to learn like the Chinese

This is an interesting article titled “18 ways to learn like the Chinese”, from online colleges web. Click here to read the whole article.

It is intriguing because for Chinese parents like me we have been looking out for western style education to insulate our children from being suffocated in terms of their creativity and social value. Chinese children are so leaden with too much pressure stemming both from school and home. Children are assigned lots of homework after class which is often designed and intended to better students’ performance in exams. I am often surprised to see a primary school boy with an incongruously big and heavy bag on his back. Such a cramming teaching model has been under fire for many years but there is no or little progress so far. Affluent Chinese families have begun to send their children to American high school campuses to save their children from stifling education in China.

Apparently, the article seems to realize the advantages or merits in Chinese education system which often brings about the best academic performance by its students in the world. But apparently the sometimes sarcastic tone in the article indicates that they don’t really take every of these 18 ways serious, and it is for sure that this does not mean Chinese education outperforms American one.

Apart from the technical learning skills, I believe the fundamental difference between Chinese education and the western one lies in what is being taught to the children, namely, the social and political values that will play a more important role in shaping what they will be when they grow up.

What do you think?