A good case for reference regarding moving money out of China


Many of us know that there is underground banking in Chinese grey financial market, allowing money flowing across Chinese border without undergoing the cumbersome and lengthy procedures and formalities laid down by China State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

The case offers a quite clear picture of how one of the these underground banking systems works.  It seems quite a straightforward process so long as the middle person (banker) is credible and has good pool of customers at both ends. For more information about the case, I advise you to take a good read of the judgement entered by HK Court of Final Appeal here.

You may also wish to read a commentary on China Real Time Report run by WSJ here.

However, in many cases, people don’t have to rely on such underground banking to get your money out of China. China has promulgated a slew of sets of rules governing money flow across Chinese border.

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