Beijing cracked down the illegal foreigners
May 14, 2012

Beijing cracked down the illegal foreigners

News had it that Beijing was stepping up special efforts to crack down foreigners of illegal entry, illegal residence and illegal employment (the “Three Illegal“), an apparent aftermath of disgraceful event involving a UK traveller sexually assaulting a Chinese girl on the street in the day, which had stirred up waves of anger and resentment among Chinese.

According to the news, Shanghai local police department will start the compaign from tomorrow, May 15, till the end of August. It will be reasonable to anticipate that foreigners in Beijing may have to live through some tough time during that period.

Three Illegal foreigners are in fact existing in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai. I often came to know that foreigners buy work visas in Shanghai in order to stay in Shanghai, and some start working in Shanghai simply on other types of visas instead of “Z” visa.

So for expats in Beijing, be ready to take out a few more times your passport and other legal documents to prove your legal stay in Beijing.