Entrust a real estate lawyer to manage your houses/apartments in Shanghai


With the financial crisis biting, we see many expats go back home, leaving their houses in Shanghai empty or ill-managed by unprofessional people.

It is a great waste to leave it empty and it is a great risk to have your home managed by unprofessional people.

Now, you have a better choice, hiring a lawyer to manage your properties during your absence. We are real estate lawyers dealing with various kinds of legal matters involving real properties, such as leasing, purchasing, property management, owners’ association etc..

With our expertise in real properties, we can better protect your interests. Besides our legal service, we also get allied with real estate brokers who will help to locate potential tenants or buyers.

To be specific, our service includes:

(1) representing you in entering into contract with brokers;

(2) representing you in negotiating, entering into, performing, terminating lease contracts with tenants, and taking care of your money in a special account designated by you;

(3) representing you in negotiating, entering into, performing and terminating sale and purchase contracts with buyers;

(4) in the case of disputes, representing you in negotiating satisfactory settlement, sending attorney’s letter to counterparts on your behalf, or arguing for and/or defending your interests in court room;

(5) representing you in dealing with the property management company in various matters affecting your interest;

(6) representing you in dealing with the owners’ association and attending owners’ meeting at which we may vote on your behalf at your instructions; and

(7) other matters specifically instructed by you.

By drafting or negotiating favorable contract terms with our legal skills, we are in a better position in protecting your property interests than those brokers or your unprofessional friends in China.

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