Export Non-Special Purpose Cosmetics into China
Apr 10, 2020

Export Non-Special Purpose Cosmetics into China

Cosmetics are big business in China. There are quite a few aspiring fortune stories in cosmetic industry. One is about a celebrity couple launching a new facial masks business that garnered billions of RMB in a couple of years. Recently, a young man that wears makeups makes a big fame on online video platforms among girls and women.

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China non-special purpose cosmetics

Relatively speaking, the cosmetic industry in China is pretty exotic with many world brands taking up a lion share of market. So if you wish to tap China cosmetic market, then you should consider exporting your cosmetic products to China.

But how?

I. What Are Ordinary Cosmetic Products?

I have just posed an article about China’s upcoming new law on China cosmetic industry.

In that pose, you will know China classifies all cosmetic products into two groups: special purpose cosmetics, and non-special/ordinary purpose cosmetics. Currently, special purpose cosmetics refer to the following:

  1. Hair restoring products;
  2. hair colorants;
  3. hair perms;
  4. depilatories;
  5. body shaping products;
  6. breast enhancement products;
  7. deodorants;
  8. freckle elimination;
  9. sun protection products

Other cosmetics all into the non-special purpose cosmetics group. It shall be noted that in the new regulation mentioned in the other post, special purpose cosmetics are reduced to heir colorants, hair perms, freckle elimination and skin lightening, sun protection products and other products claiming new function.

In this post, we talk about only the importation of non-special purpose cosmetics into China.

II. Procedures and Steps for Exporting Cosmetics to China

Flow of Steps for Obtaining NMPA Filing Certificates for Importing Non-special Purpose Cosmetics into China

Sorry, I am not very tech-savvy and I don’t know how to make the chart bigger and clearer.

The flow chart tells you what you need to do before you can legally export your ordinary cosmetic products to China.

With this filing certificate, your products will be able to enter China customs, subject to that your products don’t have other problems under Chinese laws.

China cosmetic industry is still developing very fast now, and you should never miss the opportunity to take a piece of the growing pie.

By the way, I just did a post regarding foreign invested companies setting up their own e-commerce websites for selling their own products. You may be interested to know if you wish to (probably you have it in mind already) set up your online platform to sell your products.