Import infant formula into China, don’t miss the opportunity


China has the world’s biggest population, and naturally, it probably has the biggest number of babies or infants every year. With more and more Chinese people getting rich, more and more families are choosing foreign-branded infant milk powder. In the near future, China may soon surpass United States as the world’s biggest market for baby milk powder.

Chinese domestic milk producers like Mengniu, Yili, and Bright have all been caught in public crisis because of product safety problems. But these are only a small part of the whole grim picture of Chinese food security landscape, stained by a slew of public events like lean meat powder, swill-cooked dirty oil, artificial color, melamine.

As a result, Chinese people by and large lose faith in Chinese baby milk powder industry. People in first- or second-tiered cities in China all choose foreign branded infant formula. My son and friends of mine here in Shanghai all consume foreign milk powder. Here it has nothing to do with nationalism or patriotism but with health and life of human beings.

The situation in China has created a big market and golden opportunity for foreign branded infant formulas. There are many inside China who are looking around to find a way to import foreign baby milk powder into China for sale.

But with Chinese current international trade regime, in order to import infant formula into China for wholesale or retail, the importer (domestic or foreign invested) shall first make sure they have obtained an import license for baby milk powder.

But it is not easy to get this import license for infant formula, though infant formula does not belong to the type of goods that are restricted or subject to any quota under Chinese international trade rules.

Under existing rules, to obtain the import license for baby milk powder from ministry of commerce, the importer shall make filing with China Chamber of Commerce of Foodstuffs and Native Produce. Such filing is required in order to monitor the trading activities of related products across China.

However, according to our inquiry, the current filing process is so long that it will wear down any patient heart. It is said that there has been a long waiting list of companies that are awaiting approval of their filings, and the Chamber only approves those filing batch by batch every season. A new comer in the que may have to wait over two years to get a filing certificate.

That is why I am retained by a company that is trying to grab the opportunity of importing international infant formula into China.  With my help, your waiting period can be shortened to a few months, and the legal fee is certainly within the affordable range which won’t be onerous compared with the potential you can realize.