Property Management Services in Shanghai
Nov 12, 2016

Property Management Services in Shanghai

Through my real estate legal practice, I have noted that quite a number of foreign clients leave their properties either to friends or relatives for care, and even some clients just simply leave their property unattended for years after purchase.

On the other hand, we do also note that many clients entrust their properties to properties to property management company for professional and full management services including finding tenants for the property, signing lease contract, maintaining the property on regular basis, dealing with tenants’ complaints, and receiving rentals and repatriating the same out of China.

I myself is now launching this new business with my new company dedicated to provide this services to future clients. Our services may not be much different from others in the market, but as a real estate lawyer, my team can offer more professional services than our competitors, for example, we can better communicate and understand client’s needs for their properties, we can write better lease contracts for clients, we can better address problems arising from the lease an better protect client’s overall interests.

For any service business, the quality of services often hinge on the credibility of the people running the business, and compared with general businessmen, legal professionals can be more trust-worthy and more loyal and of a better sense of responsibility, the attributes that are cultivated during legal practice which are subject to much more stringent work ethics compared with general businesses.

If you wish to find someone to take care of your property in Shanghai or help you with any property issues, you can contact the blogger, and see how we can help you.


  1. Caliboy says:

    It would be great to have the option to rent out my property in Shanghai. But could you clarify? In Shanghai, can residential property owned by foreigners be legally rented out? Aren’t foreigners only allowed to purchase property for self-use?

    1. Jason Tian says:

      Hi Caliboy, sure you can rent it out, it is your property. China restricts foreigners from purchasing but no restriction on the use and enjoyment of your asset. Let me know if you wish to have our help on that.