Supreme court seeking comments to judicial interpretation draft relating to condominium ownership


On June 16, 2008, the People’s Supreme Court of China published the Interpretation on Several Issues regarding Application of Law in Trial of Cases Involving Condominium Ownership (the “Condo Interpretation”) and asked for public comments thereof. The original Chinese text of the draft Condo Interpretation is on the following website:
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Condominium complexes in China are very common in urban areas where high residential and commercial buildings are erected. However, laws on condo buildings are absent in legal practice for long, leaving many disputes in this area ill tried and judged, until the enactment of the new Property Law of China, effective as of October 1, 2007. Though this new Property Law casts light on condo ownership regulation, the lights are dim since the new law is too general with little specificity, which means there will be implementing rules to further clarify relevant issues. The Condo Interpretation is intended for that purpose.