Is it a good time to buy property in Shanghai China?

You may say it is crazy to buy Chinese properties esp those first-tiered cities like Shanghai, Beijing, where the expectation of price drop just seems to take hold.  Probably people should wait for some time before the market gets clear where it will be going.

Not everybody has that patience.

According to a Wall Street Journal article “China buzzards

pre-registration in property sale/purchase in China — a tip for property buyers

The word “pre-registration” may be very confusing if not misleading for people who don’t know Chinese property law, as the word itself does not laterally match the real meaning it was meant to mean here.

The pre-registration system in Chinese property market had been in place for long before it was formally introduced and expanded in its…

FAQs on buying property in Shanghai, China

[NOTE, this is an old article written by Jason Tian back in 2009 based on his experience in helping foreigners in Shanghai purchase their homes here. Unfortunately, this article has been plagiarized by some other Chinese lawyers in Shanghai.Here this article is updated pursuant to new development after 2009. Please also take note that I am not encouraging