China labor contract law

Can My Employer Terminate Me Without Cause and Severance Pay?


By Yueqing Li

It is quite common for Chinese employers to stipulate in the employment contracts with foreign employees that either party can terminate the contracts upon giving the other party three to six months’ written notice in advance.

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Termination of Labor Contract in China

Labor disputes arise frequently under such circumstances, and the major focal…

Classification of Employees Conducts in China’s Workplaces


Enactment of the Labor Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter “Labor Contract Law”) has very much changed the landscape of employer and employee relationships in Chinese workplaces. One of the most strongly felt pains is the inability for employers to dismiss unwanted employees as the Labor Contract Law has substantially restricted…

good faith attempt/consultation to sign labor contract?


In a recent case involving a labor dispute in which I represented the employer, a foreign invested trading company set up by an investor from Africa, an interesting question came up in regard of the double salary claim often raised by employees.

CASE FACTS: the employee (Chinese national, not expats) left the company after working for half a year and immediately…