China lease contract dispute

Property Subleases in China: Lessor, Tenant and Sub-tenant


Leases of residential properties are generally not big deals, so we don’t deal with them very often despite that frequently we are asked about lease disputes in China. However, if it comes to business premises such as manufacturing factories, it could be big deals but also intricate deals.

Sublease in China

Yes, I am talking about property leases involving…

bona fide principle in Chinese laws


In a leasing/occupancy dispute where I represent the owners (a couple whose names are both registered on the title deed of the property) of an apartment in Shanghai, trying to take back the apartment which had been leased out to a foreigner “tanant” by the owners’ friend who was once entrusted with the keys of the apartment.

In response to …

Lease contract registration


Recently one of our clients complained to us that the real estate exchange center (an authority in charge of real estate registration, “Exchange Centre”) refused to accept their lender-approved lease contract designed for their service apartment project simply because their lease had not adopted the Shanghai model lease contract form. Without such…