China personal injury law

Death Compensation from Fatal Accidents Not Part of Estate of the Deceased under China Laws


Dealing with inheritance issues, we occasionally encounter inquiries about death compensation arising from fatal accidents though we don’t generally deal with many personal injury cases in China. Instead, we focus on how death compensation is treated in the course of inheritance and estate administration.

Can the estate claim death compensation?

Disrespect for life in China, a display of weak human rights protection


The lady who was coerced to undergo to an abortion of her seven-month fetus has caught the attention of the whole nation in China, and probably of the whole world, an incident just following another closely related event involving the high-profile blind activist who has been fighting against local abortion practice in Shandong province, an eastern province…

How a personal injury case is handled in Chinese courts?


With more and more foreigners coming into China for work or for travel, it has seen a number of cases where foreigners fall victim to personal injuries (typically in road accidents), and it is often inevitable to resort to courts in China to settle the compensation disputes arising therefrom.

It is terrible to be caught in a road accident in a foreign country, …

Tort liabilities relating to employment-take domestic workers as illustration


In Shanghai, there are basically two ways of hiring an Ayi from market. (1) you find the Ayi by yourself or through a friend and you pay her directly and thus establish an employment relationship with the Ayi; (2) you hire the housekeeping/babysitting service from a company or firm in the market and the company sends their staff to your house but you pay the company…