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Rural land issues amid China urbanization ambition,a brief summary of China Urbanization Summit Forum


During the two days from August 31 to September 1, the Summit Forum for China Urbanization was held in Xiamen, eastern coastal city in Fujian province, China. The summit was in part sponsored  by Dacheng Law Offices. As a lawyer at the law firm, I attended the summit forum, and also submitted a paper analyzing some legal issues related to transfer and conveyance…

property prices moving down in first-tiered cities in China


The media have never been so negative about the property market in any previous round of government curbs.

Believe it or not, news about property developers offering discounts and other benefits inducing home buyers has flooded major web portals in China, citing that developers cannot hold the market any more as central government shows no sign of relaxing…

Entrust a real estate lawyer to manage your houses/apartments in Shanghai


With the financial crisis biting, we see many expats go back home, leaving their houses in Shanghai empty or ill-managed by unprofessional people.

It is a great waste to leave it empty and it is a great risk to have your home managed by unprofessional people.

Now, you have a better choice, hiring a lawyer to manage your properties during your absence. We are real…

Sell your properties in China


Well, I don’t want to be sounding like an alarmist by claiming that it is time to sell your properties in China because the real estate market in China is going to collapse soon. But it will be not inappropriate to remind people that China property market is really at a point where it may turn out against your interests eventually if you don’t back out timely.…

Central government stepped up measures to boost property market


Yesterday, China state cabinet issued the Several Opinions on Boosting Healthy Development of the Property Market (the “Opinions”), in a bid to boost the bearish property market which had been the engine industry for the Chinese economy.

The key point in the Opinions that grabs common homeowners’ attention is the change in policy regarding the time…