China real estate tax

Save your tax when you sell your real property in China


This morning, on behalf of my client from Singapore who sells her apartment, I went to local tax bureau to pay the related taxes.

It was finally confirmed that my client will not need to pay the personal income tax as prescribed in a regulation in which it is required seller shall pay the personal income tax equal to 20% of the difference of sale price and the original…

taxation measure to curb real estate market


Though there is plenty of moaning and groaning in the real estate market in China, due to the central government’s tight monetary policy, it seems the tether is going to be further tightened. In a new effort stepped up by the central tax ministry, a new circular was issued on April 7, 2008 regarding the prepayment of income tax by property developers.

The new …

Shifts in real estate taxation affecting your investment


Recently this year saw a string of shifts in tax policies that affect businesses in China, in particular, foreign invested enterprises.

â…  City and Township Land Use Tax

At the end of the year of 2006, the state cabinet revised the Interim Regulation of the People’s Republic of China on the City and Township Land Use Tax and the revised version came into force…