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Hong Kong and China mainland to boost tourism industry


China’s next premier Li Keqiang has offered this special administrative region a number of gifts during his tour to Hong Kong.

One of the sectors that emerges favored by China mainland is tourism. Mr. Li made clear in one of his keynote speeches that Hong Kong is welcome to set up more travel agencies in mainland.

Ever since China lowered the threshold for…

New development in setting up your travel agency in China


We are helping a Hong Kong travel company (with its shareholders being European travel operators) to set up its WFOE travel agency in Shanghai.

Recently, during a meeting with officials from Shanghai Tourism Bureau, we have learned, orally from the officials in Shanghai, some new development in regard of foreign investment in tourism industry in China.


China opens outbound travel to foreign operators


 China opened its tourism market wider and gave licenses to three joint travel services to organize Chinese tour groups overseas.

The National Tourism Administration of China on Monday gave the licenses to TUI China Travel Co Ltd, CITS American Express Travel Services Ltd, and JTB New Century International Tours Co Ltd.

The three joint ventures involve foreign…

Chinese tourism market


A Japanese travel agency recently got approval from the Chinese authorities to set up a totally foreign-funded company in China, the first of its kind so far. What does it mean? Is it a challenge or chance for local companies to compete with increasing power?

China boasts a large population and vast geographical areas. They are natural catalysts for the development…

Setting up a foreign invested travel agency in China


To meet its undertakings upon the entry into the WTO, China has promulgated the Regulation on Travel Agency (“Regulations”), effective as from May 1, 2009, which also incorporates rules for setting up foreign invested travel agencies (“FITA”). Previous regulations issued by Ministry of Tourism (“MOT”) and Ministry of Commerce (“MOC”)…