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Chinese Labor Contract Law, it is not for you, dude!


One of my corporate clients recently asked about how to terminate the employment of one of its senior officers. The client is a WFOE invested by an American company. The poor employee is one who has served the WFOE for more than ten years taking up the regional sale manager position and receiving a hefty monthly salary of more than RMB 50,000. Due to the dipping Chinese…

the dilemmas for expat employees in China


Recent two labor dispute cases in Shanghai I came to learn have further demonstrated the dilemmas that are faced by foreigner employees in China, which do not seem to be solved any time soon. Bear in mind, in this post, I discuss the dilemma for expat employees whose monthly salary is well above three times the average monthly salary (RMB 3896 in 2011) in Shanghai.…

bargain for a liquidated damages clause in your employment contract


Very often, foreign employees feel screwed by China labor laws in the case of labor dispute with their companies.

A typical case will be like this: an expat employee with a high monthly salary well above RMB 23,375, is unlawfully dismissed lately before expiry of the one year labor contract term, say with another two or three months left. Now, the company or employer…