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International Trade Dispute Resolution in China: get affiliated companies to pay


A while ago, I wrote another post disclosing fraudulent international trade practice some Chinese exporters engage themselves in: Again, be aware and vigilant about who you are trading with in China.

So when you are deceived and caught in such fraud and you don’t want to just walk away bruised, you may have to think of a way to recover your loss. Here in …

Mind whom you are doing business with – transit trade with China


Frauds in international trade with China take many forms.

We talk about a very common trick that often leaves the buyer outside of China in a very hopeless situation in recovering losses arising out of the trick: transit trade or whatever name you call it. It involves a third party in a separate jurisdiction in the international trade conducted by actual seller…

Check out who you are trading with in China


Coincidentally enough, I am approached by two clients respectively from UK and US for advice on their situations where they are deceived by two fraudulent Chinese suppliers both selling second-hand machinery to the overseas market. Fancy enough that both of the two clients bought machinery for Iraq market.

They both were defrauded because they don’t…