Property Seller Slips into a Coma, What About the Sale Contract under China Laws?

Real life can be complicated beyond imagination.

After working in cross-border estate planning for more than a decade, I just came to know a case brought to me by an inquirer which is intriguing to me as it should be the first case of its kind my all my past legal practice. By the way, I just gave some oral advice back then.

I. Facts of the Case

Here are the facts: a foreigner…

pre-registration in property sale/purchase in China — a tip for property buyers

The word “pre-registration” may be very confusing if not misleading for people who don’t know Chinese property law, as the word itself does not laterally match the real meaning it was meant to mean here.

The pre-registration system in Chinese property market had been in place for long before it was formally introduced and expanded in its…

Should the couple both sign the contract for sale and purchase of the property?

In China, properties, personal or real, acquired during marriage are statutorily prescribed to be community property of the couple even though only the name of one spouse is registered as owner on the relevant title deeds or ownership certificates. Being community property in the case of real property such as apartment, houses, condo, office and other commercial…