Three Ways of Inheriting Estates in China

I have written quite a few posts back in regard of foreigners inheriting estates in China:

How a foreigner inherit properties in China

Inherit Personal Properties in China

China Estate Planning: how to Deal with Your China Assets Generally

There are quite a few more articles in that regard, pls use the blog search function to locate them.

None of those posts have depicted the general picture of how a foreigner going about inheritance of estates in China, or in other words, what are the options for foreigners in dealing with estates in China following demise of a family member.

Instead of writing another post, I have done a YouTube video on this topic, and you can watch it here:

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Jason Tian

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  1. Manyun   •  

    As a foreigner, if I sold my apartment in China, how can I transfer the proceeds from China to USA? I have a Chinese bank account.


    • Jason Tian   •     Author

      HI there, we will help you on that part, as there is offical route to repatriate your money out of China in that case. please send me an email to disucss more.

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