Video: make a will for your China assets and the points you need to know

My second video on YouTube channel (China Family and Business Laws) talking about how a foreigner or Chinese living outside of China should consider when they make a will for their assets in China.

I am still trying to accept my own voices and sounds when I find a bit strange. 🙂

Ok, here is the link if you wish to listen, and you are welcome to subscribe this Channel for more information about China family law and business law. As said, I will also chitchat something going on here in China that is not closely related to law. Stay tuned!

I am still honing up my skills to make video, a totally new area of skills to learn. The good trait of a lawyer is that they never stop learning and they are already ready to learn.

Jason Tian

Jason Tian, senior partner, specializes in foreign-related legal services ranging from foreign investment in China, banking and capital, real estate, M&A, corporate, international trade, estate planning, inheritance and divorce at his blog:

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